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Géoprosys inc.


Geoprosys inc. is a young business incorporated in 2010 that strives to develop data gathering, data processing and data sharing tools for geographical information. Such information can originate from many domains suchs as social and demographic data, economics, political, climate and weather data.


In short, if you need information that can be pinpointed at a specfic time and place, we can help you devise a processing chain to harness the full scope of applied opportunities that spatial data analysis can offer.


We are also able to process, reseach, analyse and summarize environmental information, such as natural risks assessments or helping you put together environmental impact assessments.


You will find on our website an overview of the services we can provide in the aforementioned fields. If you have any questions pertaining to our services, you are welcomed to contact us. We will strive to be a helping hand in finding solutions if we are unable to do so ourselves.


Our fields of expertise


GIS management
Environmental assessment
Data archiving
Data processing
Data gathering
Providing custom solutions


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