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Geoprosyc inc. can gather data from several information sources from various fields and summarize it visually using modern mapping methods and tools. We can make maps accurately depicting relevant data to your context of application and producing them for the media of your choce. Taking into account the advances of mapping tools and information sharing from the last decades, it is possible to have information rich maps evolving in real time is such is your need.




We use the industry-standard ArcGIS mapping tools as well as OpenSource alternatives suchs as GRASS and QGIS to make the maps you need. We can build these from several data formats you can provide us, or we can search and acquire such data on your behalf.


We can also setup data gathering in the field with several types of data logging equipment and GPS-based geolocation tools and devices. If you need to map out anything outside of beaten paths, we can help you it in this endeavour.


Final products


We can release your maps in formats usable by commercial printing services (Adobe Illustrator) or for self-printing (Adobe PDF), for online viewing (Google Earth & Maps), for GPS devices (ie. Garmin line of products).


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