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Data processing


Our services include data processing to extract geographically important distinctive information pertaining to your needs. With several statistical analysys tools, database management systems and mapping tools, we can harness your databases for information critical to your success. We can crossreference data from several sources to single out interesting outlyers or provide you with a broad overall picture of data framed in the proper context.


We use publicly available sources of information to combine them with your own private data and provide you with a field-specific background to help you understand your data, wheter that is customer base, farming, target markets, tourists or any other activity.



Some public data sources


  • Census data from Statistics Canada
  • Environment Canada Climate Data Archives
  • Federal and Provincial electoral ridings and districts
  • Natural resources maps
  • Post Canada Postal Codes


Tools used


We strive to use mostly OpenSource tools, such as MySQL and MariaDB, programming in C/C++, PHP, Python and sometimes resorting to commercial products such as ArcGIS, SPSS or Matlab


Using tools that fit best the end requirements helps us provide you with a custom solution that reduces development costs and time with large user bases to rely upon for support, maximizing the time we spend on your project.


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